Midweek pasta bacon chilli thing

While it’s nice making time-consuming, slightly complicated food, that’s no good if it’s midweek and I can’t be arsed.

This is a very tasty, very easy pasta recipe passed down through the family – Bacon and pea, lemony, chilli pasta.

Serves 4


  • Bacon, 4 rashers, diced
  • Pasta, 200g
  • Garlic, 1-2 cloves, crushed
  • Red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
  • Peas, couple of handfuls
  • Juice and zest of half a lemon
  • Creme fraiche, 2-3 tablespoons
  • Olive oil
  1. Fry the bacon in the olive oil until it’s crispy. Then turn off the heat, add the garlic and chilli and stir together. Leave in the pan.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the pasta as per the instructions. When it has 4 minutes left to go, add the peas and turn the heat up to bring it back to the boil. When the pasta and peas are cooked, drain them.
  3. Return the bacon/chilli to the heat. When it’s sizzling again, tip in the peas and pasta and mix together. Then add the lemon juice and zest then stir in the creme fraiche. Make sure everything is heated through and serve.




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